Duramale Capsule is a safe and effective formulation for the management of premature ejaculation.It contains 7 herbs, which are known to have ejaculation delaying and libido enhancingproperties. By virtue of properties of the ingredients, Duramale Capsule helps to improve performance and delay ejaculation.

Almost all the ingredients of the Duramale Capsule possess anti-stress, antidepressant and anti-oxidant activities, which may help in relieving performance anxiety and delays ejaculation in cases of premature ejaculation.

Each Capsule Contains Extracts:

1. Indian Gooseberry (Emblicaofficinalis):

Emblicaofficinalis, popularly known as Indian Gooseberry, is described as a potent Aphrodisiac herb and is useful in premature ejaculation.It also helps to increase sperm count and semen quantity .It is a potent rejuvenator, antioxidantand has activity on central nervous system also.

In research studies, anxiolyticand antidepressant activities of Emblicaofficinalishave been proved. Due to anxiolytic and antidepressant activities, Emblicaofficinalishelps to improveperformance and delays ejaculation.


2. Elephant Creeper (Argyreiaspeciosa):

Argyreiaspeciosa is used Rasayana, general tonic, brain tonic and as an aphrodisiac. It helps to improve sperm count. Several researches have proved that this plant possesses anti-stress, immunomodulatory, nootropic, and anti-oxidant activities.


3. Indian Ginseng

Withaniasomnifera Dunalis widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as a general tonic to increase energy, improve overall health and longevity, and prevent diseases.

Withaniasomniferais also a proved CNS relaxant and hence its utility in premature ejaculation is confirmed.

In Ayurveda, Indian Ginsengis claimed to possess potent aphrodisiac activity. It vitalizes and rejuvenates the body; and increases the sexual desire and performance in males (aphrodisiac).The plant was traditionally used to promote youthful, vigor, endurance, strength, health and increasing the production of vital fluids, muscle fat, blood, lymph,semen and cells.

Withaniasomnifera extract has a direct spermatogenic influence on the seminiferous tubules of immature rats presumably by exerting a testosterone-likeeffect. It can be utilized in the treatment of stress induced infertility.

Anxiolytic, antidepressant and adaptogenic actions of the bioactive withanolides have been established. Withaniasomniferais able to decrease the number and severity of chronic stress-induced ulcers, reverse chronic stressinducedinhibition of male sexual behavior, and chronic stress-induced immuno-suppression. It also possesses anti-oxidant and neuroprotective activities.


4. Pellitory(Anacyclus pyrethrum):

Anacyclus pyrethrum is widely recognized in Ayurvedic system of medicine for its use as aphrodisiac, general tonic and a remedy to improve sperm count. Anacyclus pyrethrumis being used as a remedy todelay the ejaculation and to prolong the sexual intercourse.

In a research study, Anacyclus pyrethrum has shown androgenic effect. Anacyclus pyrethrum enhances spermatogenesis and improves the quality of seminal parameters. In research study, it has also been observed that Anacyclus pyrethrum helps to increase penile erection similar to the increase inpenile erection index observed by administration of testosterone.

Traditionally, Anacyclus pyrethrumis used as tonic to the nervous system and its antidepressant and anti-oxidant activitiesare scientifically validated.


5. Nutmeg (Myristicafragrans):

Myristicafragrans, also known asnutmeg tree’ is an aromatic plant.In Ayurvedic literature, nutmegfruit has been mentioned as an Aphrodisiac and a best drug todelay the ejaculation & thus to prolong the Intercourse.

Aphrodisiac activity (increase inmounting behavior, libido and potency) of ethanolic extract of nutmeg has been confirmed in preclinical studies in male rats and mice.The aphrodisiac activityof nutmeg might be attributed to its nervous stimulating property.

Anti-depressant, memory enhancing and anti-oxidant activitiesof nutmeg have also been reported.


6. Tailed Pepper (Piper cubeba):

The fruits of Tailed Pepper are used as mouth freshener. They have excellent aphrodisiac activity and included as one of the important ingredients of well known Ayurvedic classical formulation called Akarkarbhadi Churna, which isused to treat premature ejaculation. The fruits of Tailed Pepper are also used as a spice and have also been used for the treatment of abdominal pain, gonorrhea, and syphilis. The anti-oxidant activity of fruits of Tailed Pepper has been established.


7. Clove (Syzygiumaromaticum):

Clove is widely used as an aromatic stimulant, antispasmodic and carminative spice.Traditionally it is used to treat cases of premature ejaculation. Clove is reported to possess aphrodisiac and anti-oxidant activities. Anti-stress activity of Clove has also been reported in scientific study.


• Libido Enhancer: Ingredients of Duramale Capsule helpto increase libido (sexual desire) thereby inducing and sustaining erection in males. It also increases the overall sexual performance.


• Delays the ejaculation: Ingredients of Indian Gooseberry (Emblicaofficinalis):

• Emblicaofficinalis,
popularly known as Indian Gooseberry, is described as a potent Aphrodisiac herb and is useful in premature ejaculation. It also helps to increase sperm count and semen quantity. It is a potent rejuvenator, antioxidant3 and has activity on central nervous system also. Duramale Capsule help to delay ejaculation and thus maintain erection for longer time.

• Adoptogenic, Anxiolytic and Antidepressant:
Ingredients of Duramale Capsule help to reduce depression, stress & performance anxiety in males.


• Anti-oxidant: Ingredients of Duramale Capsule help to reduce formation of free radicals and also help to nourish and rejuvenate body.

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    ejaculation time
  • Increases Fertility
  • Promotes stronger and
    firmer erections
  • Increases sexual libido
    and stamina
  • Provides progressive and
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